We would like every parishioner to connect with others. One of the best ways to connect is to join a team. There a lot of different teams you can join, depending on your interests and availability.

  • Hospitality Teams: The team meets half an hour before Mass to get ready, pray, and prepare a big welcome to all who arrive that day. To find out about these teams, send us an email: (richmond@rcaos.org.uk).
  • Music: Do you sing or play an instrument? Would you like to help us develop our music at St Elizabeth’s? Please contact Jon Booth (jonzbooth@gmail.com) for the 11.00am Mass or Maria Byrne (maria.teresa.byrne4031@gmail.com) for the Family or Sunday evening Masses.
  • Social and Event Hospitality: Could you help serve and welcome at our New Parishioner evening and other social events? Contact Anna (amcnultyhoward@yahoo.co.uk)
  • Readers: Are you a clear and confident reader and who would be willing to receive some training and join a rota to read at Mass? Contact Fr Stephen (frstephen@stelizabeths.org.uk)
  • Flowers: Do you have a creative flair and would enjoy making our church beautiful?  Contact the parish office (richmond@rcaos.org.uk).
  • Dads and Donuts: You don’t have to be a dad! Dad’s & Donuts is our monthly Men’s Maintenance Group. We meet on a Saturday morning and complete as many odd-jobs as we can in a couple of coffee and donut fuelled hours! Contact the parish office (richmond@rcaos.org.uk).
  • Sacristy Team: We have a wonderful parish sacristan but there are always little jobs to be done: sewing and minor repairs, helping clean the purificatory and altar linens, setting up for Mass. Let us know if you would like to be involved (richmond@rcaos.org.uk).
  • Garden Maintenance: The parish garden is a great resource – but not if it looks like a jungle. If you enjoy gardening or relish the challenge of taming Mother Nature why not join our Garden Maintenance Team? (richmond@rcaos.org.uk).

Parish Groups

  • Catholic Women’s League: The Catholic Women’s League is a group of women who do together what they would not do alone. They meet monthly in the parish and organise talks and social events. Please contact the CWL Secretary.
  • Catenians: The Catenians are an international group of professional Catholic men. They meet for prayer and fellowship and support numerous charitable causes. Please contact the parish office for details of a local Circle.
  • Family Development Foundation: The Family Development Foundation (or FDF) run courses to support families of all sizes and ages. They even have a group for singles. For more information about FDF courses at St Elizabeth’s please contact the local organiser Joel Chacon.


If you have a particular skill that you’d like to contribute to the Parish please feel free to contact us: richmond@rcaos.org.uk