As part of your will, you can extend your lifelong giving by sharing a part of your wealth to St Elizabeth’s Church. Your gift will have a lasting impact bringing delight and inspiration for future generations.

A legacy to a charitable cause has the added benefit of reducing inheritance tax for the remainder of your estate.

In order to discuss gifts in wills, please contact the Parish Office at richmond@rcaos.org.uk


On the occasion of life events (e.g. baptism, communion, confirmation, wedding, celebration of life), you have the opportunity, with your family and friends, to express affection, gratitude, and goodwill to St Elizabeth’s Church and help support our Mission.

You can do so using a Gift Aid envelope which can be found at the back of the church or obtained from at the Parish office.


Many people choose to support the Parish by raising funds – whether it’s running a marathon or having a Bake Sale or it’s a Pub Quiz evening the opportunities are limitless.

You can raise money using organisations like wonderful.org or JustGiving

Please do let us know at the Parish Office so that we can help publicise what you are doing through the weekly Newsletter.